Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crazy Cathy becomes the swamp thing!

Aughrrr!!! My dogs get me into so much trouble!  As much as I love those fur baby's - they cause a great deal of distress!
Yesterday I was about to go walk with a friend and went outside to bring my dogs in.  They are "protected" by an underground fence.  Well- I look and see that they are OUTSIDE their fence boundary!  Down past the pond and about to go under the old washed down chain link fence into the scary ugly stinkly SWAMP!  I yelled and called and clapped my hands at them and they totally ignored me.   Never even looked back!
I get my two leashes and headed down to the pond in my dress pants and sandals - going to save my dogs from the big bad mean snakes!  Bratly turned to look at me and tried to come to me  - but he got "stuck" in the creek bank bog - thankfully he was able to finally dig out and back up the bank, because I couldn't get to him for the mangled fence.  Once he was back on muddly ground - he and Willie began to wander again.
AUGH!!! come to you Momma! Boys!
I braved up all I could and said to myself - I can hold onto this crooked fence post - it's strong enough to hold me up.  So I took a step out - onto the old trash covered chain fence and I went for it. Going to get my dogs back!  Well - that fence acted like a trampoline and THREW me down into the creek onto some old hard roots.  Down into that swamp muck stink water!  Down onto my knees and side! 
I got back up to my feet with my hair in dreadlocks and clothes wet with yuck water!  AUGRRR!!!  I climbed my way back up the creek bank and onto the muddy ground... (surely not solid) and the dogs were gone from site! Then I heard a BIG SPLOSH into the water near me and saw the swirl from something!?  My Sister said - maybe it was a turtle.  I surely do hope so - but all I could think of was SNAKE!
What now!?
How am I going to get back to the safety of my own back yard?  I managed to work my way around.
And by the time I was near the back door the dogs were back into our yard.  Filthy, stinky, muddy and panting - with the most excited looks on their faces you can imagine!
I leashed them and we all had a nice long hot shower followed by an early bedtime to nurse my bruised bones and joints. 
So that is how - I became a Swamp Thing!  Hope it's the last time too.  :-)

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